A look at this year’s amazing sunflower season in Alberta

Sunflowers are in bloom, and are having a great year thanks to the warm weather.

We asked to see your tall, small and colourful ones — and boy, did you deliver.

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So we got some with radiant colours.

This sunflower boasts the orange “halo” effect on its petals, and plenty of pollen too. (Submitted by Sasha Thomson)

And some that are just a bit different.

This giant sungold, also known as a teddy bear sunflower, is super popular among the pollinators. (Dave Hoch/Facebook)

We even got a look at some very healthy stalks.

Well, that’s … um … healthy. (Heather Hubbard/Facebook)

And don’t forget the bees. They are loving this year’s crop.

Did you know each sunflower is actually made up of hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of very small flowers. It’s one of the reasons why bees are big fans. (Submitted by Christel Rissling)

But mostly we got some very unusually tall sunflowers, and thankfully our photographers had some help in showing us just how massive some plants are.

These little ones stand in awe of “a monster” of a sunflower. (David Frid/Facebook)

Now that’s impressive! (Submitted by Mira Gallaway)

Shelby Sherwick’s mom demonstrated just how big their giant sunflower is this year in their Strathmore garden. (Submitted by Shelby Sherwick)

The ladder helps, but still. (Shannon Olsson Dass/Facebook)

So peruse through the sunflowers below, or get out to see them while you still can!

This little sunflower is living its best life on a local balcony. (Avery Warren/Facebook)

Here’s just one of the nine-and-a-half feet tall sunflowers in this Riverbend yard in southeast Calgary. ‘I am six feet tall and yet it is quite a stretch! They just started flowering this week,’ he told CBC Calgary in his email. (Submitted by Stephen Maunula)

These sunflowers tower over the lowly fence beside them. (Ravinder Kaur/Facebook)

This pup sure makes a good sunflower model. (Belinda Kjartanson/Facebook)

The way the sun hits these sunflower is just *chef’s kiss*. (Heidi Hardern-Kofman/Facebook)

With photo filters or not, these sunflowers are bursting with colour. (Nic Mcc/Facebook)

Here’s a closeup look of a bee doing bee things. (Trisha Raposo/Facebook)

Did you know sunflowers actually track the sun throughout the day? The behavior is called heliotropism. (Shelley Brown/Facebook)

These bright sunflowers seem quite happy indeed. (Happy Abdelmessih)

This one is doing its best to just soak up some sun. (Shelagh Hardern/Facebook)

‘Every-birdie’ appreciates the beauty of nature over at the Silver Springs Botanical Gardens. (Max the Moluccan/Facebook)

Some sunflowers boast many blooms per plant. (Submitted by Maria Sporea)

The whole family has been enjoying their tall sunflowers over at the Murciano house. (Submitted by Christine Murciano)

And they have quite a few to boast of. (Submitted by Christine Murciano)

We can’t tell if the sunflowers are taller than her home, but it looks pretty close! (@runwithblue/Instagram)

This family is for sure in the running for Calgary’s tallest sunflower. (@thiggy83/Instagram)

Now that’s quite the reach, and sunflower. (Carrie Edwards/Facebook)

This little one is really enjoying his neighbour’s wall of sunflowers. (@ajkingyyc/Instagram)

We feel like blue skies are an amazing backdrop for a great end of summer plant. (Submitted by Zeel Patel)

Gembot Curry says it’s her husband’s first time growing a sunflower, and he seems pretty proud of the outcome. (@gembotcurry/Instagram)

Meaghan Kelemen’s sunflowers are almost double the height of her husband and their trusty sidekick. (@meagklmn/Instagram)

Just look at those colours! (Submitted by Jasprite Atwal)

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