50 tickets issued in crackdown on speeding, stunting, loud vehicles in Lethbridge

Racing, stunting and loud vehicle complaints are on the rise in Lethbridge and officers are hoping the first in a series of crackdowns on bad behaviour will have drivers thinking twice.

Members of the Lethbridge Police Service traffic unit and Alberta Sheriffs took to city streets over the weekend in a highly visible effort to curb problematic driving.

The initiative resulted in:

  • 50 traffic violation tickets issued;
  • A roadside sanction for impaired driving;
  • Three vehicles towed; and,
  • An arrest related to outstanding warrants.

LPS officials say the crackdown on undesirable driving behaviour will condition on random weekends over the next few months.

Residents with traffic concerns regarding specific areas of the city are encouraged to reach out to the LPS at 403-328-4444.

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