2,000 years of warfare and military on display in Calgary

CALGARY — A weekend event put on by the Military Museums of Calgary is giving people a chance to see and experience war on the battlefield from the ancient to the modern era.

The Summer Skirmish is presenting 2,000 years of warfare on Saturday and Sunday through battle reenactments and demonstrations.

“The Military Museums has a mission, and that is to remember, preserve and educate,” said Capt. Jody Marchuk, the organizer of the Summer Skirmish. “The Summer Skirmish is about the history of… military and the evolution of militaries throughout history.

“The modern Canadian army did not just happen, it grew into what it was through its experiences in the past, and not just Canada’s experience, the experience of other countries’, from which our people and population have come.”

The event is showcasing three eras of history, the sword and steel era, black powder era and the fixed casing, or modern, era. A few of the booths and demonstrations include Vikings, jousting and the War of 1812.

“We try to encompass as much history as I can grab people,” said Marchuk.

The reenactments are done by groups like the Society of Tilt and Lance Calvary, the Yankee Valley Historical Society and the 10th Canadian Infantry Battalion.

“These people are ordinary Canadians who have a serious passion for an era, or eras, of history,” said Marchuk. “Many of these participants are volunteers in these organizations.”

Marchuk hopes the event shows others who are passionate about history and combat that these groups exist and are available to join.

The event is also on Sunday and opens at 9 a.m., with demonstrations beginning at 10 a.m.

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